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10 Foreign Languages in Demand Across the World

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With the spread of Globalisation, the demand for a multilingual workforce has increased. The employees contain knowledge of more than one language. You need to choose a foreign language very widely depending upon career prospects, job opportunities, demand, and salary.

Here are the top ten foreign languages that are in constant demand:-

  • Mandarin/ Chinese

Spoken by over 1.31 billion people, the Chinese have formed a huge market across the world. Several businesses are willing to invest in the market and hire Chinese-speaking employees.

  • French

Spoken by more than 220 million people; French provides huge scope in the field of education, entertainment, fashion, visual arts, hotel industry, etc.

  • German

Spoken by more than 130 million people, German is included in the academic curriculum. Germany being the economic powerhouse provides plenty of jobs to the German-speaking population in renowned companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, etc.

  • Japanese

It is the third most used language on the internet after English and Chinese. Spoken by more than 123 million people, the Japanese technology market is hugely associated with India. Because of the complexity of the language, competition in this field is minimal, promising more job opportunities.

  • Portuguese

Spoken by more than 270 million people, the demand for Portuguese speakers is accentuating due to the developing relationship between Brazil and India. Professional Portuguese speakers residing in India get numerous opportunities in exports, accounts, finance, tourism, IT, and other industries.

  • Arabic

With over 300 million speakers, fluency in Arabic paves the way for education, business, government, etc. Arab contains unutilized economic potential and is extremely rich in natural resources.

  • Italian

It is spoken by more than 63 million people, Italian counts as the most romantic language among the romance languages. Numerous Italian companies like Marconi, Fiat, Benetton, Banco, etc., have inaugurated their business in India and are willing to hire Italian-speaking employees.

  • Korean

The Korean entertainment industry is growing rapidly, and with the learning of this language, you would be able to watch your favorite k-dramas without subtitles. Korea also has the 7th largest export economy in the world.

  • Russian

Spoken by over 300 million people, Russian provides opportunities in the Science and technology, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Defence sector, etc.

  • Spanish

Spoken by over 463 million people, Spanish provides scope in the translation, education, entertainment, communication industry.


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