10 Reasons Why Russian is Hard for English Speakers

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The eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages consists of Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian languages. More than 151 million people use Russian as their mother tongue. Some people find it very difficult to get accustomed to this new language.

Why is Russian hard for English speakers?

While the Russian language may appear difficult to some people, many non-Russians or English speakers have learned it very well. With a little bit of excellence and determination, you can do wonders!

  • Speaking it properly can be a bit hard:-

Russian has an uncommon accent and pronunciations of words which might be challenging for some.

  • Russian alphabet can be tested:-

The Russian or Cyrillic alphabets, unlike other European languages, Russian alphabets are entirely new and descended from Latin. Therefore, you will need to start from the beginning.

  • Genders of Russian noun:-

English nouns are gender-neutral, except for a few which are gender-specific. Russian nouns are not gender-sensible. There three genders of Russian nouns are masculine, feminine, or neuter.

  • Russian phonology:-

17 Russian alphabets have 8 different phonemes. As a result, those who are new to this language may find it difficult to memorize.

  • Multi-lingual Russian words:-

Many Russian words have different meanings in their written form.

  • Cognate words:-

The Russian language has borrowed several words from different languages that share similar definitions.

  • Omission of articles:-

The Russians sometimes omit the articles. You would still require to memorize the genders.

  • The six cases of the Russian languages:-

Namely genitive, nominative, accusative, dative, instrumental, and prepositional can appear difficult to those whose native language doesn’t contain cases that determine the structure of the words.

  • Verbs:-

Non-Russian speakers struggle to master the Russian verbs, especially, the usage of perfective and imperfective verbs.

Despite all the above-mentioned hurdles, you can easily master the Russian language with proper guidance. Fastrack languages take up Russian classes in Pune, which aid students to learn this language with great ease.