Do you wish to learn the language of German? Learning this language is not either difficult not easy. Are you aware that in German every noun has a specific gender? The moment you get the feeling that you gripped the language Oh no some exception rule arrives in the language.

It seems tough, but the language with traits poetic narrations, make the learning experience a funny affair. We are going to share with you some facts about one of the most conf languages of the world German. It may encourage you to take Online German Language classes to know the language better.

  1. German-speaking people can be found across the globe:Based on the available data on Wikipedia, German is one of the key languages of nearly 95 to 100 million people residing in Europe. We can say for 13.3% of total Europeans, German is the second maximum spoken native language after Russian. Russian is ranked above French English in the list of the popular spoken global language. German holds 11th position in the world, with around 1.4% of the global population can speak German-. Marin holds first place English is in 3rd position.
  2. English German are like sisters having strong roots connection: Similar to English Dutch, German is well connected with West Germanic languages. If you know English learn German online, you will find countless words that are similar for both languages. But we want you to be careful while learning this language. You will come across some sneaky words which look sound similar but hold meanings that are very different. Let us give an example. Do you know the meaning of the word ‘gift’ in German? It means poison. Hope it sounds hilarious to you. The word has no connection with the present that we underst in English. 
  1. German also contents some outsting funny proverbs: Some popular German proverbs include Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei meaning everything comes with an end, but sausage has two. Another example: Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof – meaning I only can make out the train station. The English counterpart reads like ‘Everything is Greek to me’. Das ist nicht dein Bier! (it’s not your beer!) which means ‘it’s none of your business!’
  1. German is one such language loved by writers Social Thinkers: German is mentioned as the language for Dichter und Denker. It means the language for the writers social thinkers. If you check the world of literature you will find countless works written in the German language. Even German is known as the most used scientific research work language. The majority of global scientists accept German as the most important scientific language. We can find its use in humanities, social sciences, law, even in economics. 
  2. Capitalization of Noun in German:When you join German Language Classes in Delhi you will find an odd writing style of Noun in German. When you read any book or even a German newspaper you may feel confused to witness long text paragraphs containing long words in capital letters. Nouns used in German are written in capital its compulsory.
  1. Compound nouns are loved by German:While learning the language joining German language classes in Bangalore you will get to see long scary words. Don’t feel confused because you can break it down into small, common nouns. German practice construction of new words existing words. We will take an example now. Do you know the word h, used in English? Now when this word is joined with a German word Schuhe meaning shoes to create a noun Hschuhe. It means ‘h shoes’ which in English we call gloves.
  1. German creates new words which are not available in English: One key feature which differentiates German from the English language is its inclination towards creating new expressive words. It expresses life in a more perfect way which is difficult for the English language to do. Word Schadenfreude expresses happiness earned from others misfortune. Torschlusspanik is another word formed combining 3 German words. Its accurate translation if made in English means “gate-shut-panic.”
  1. German is not the official language of Germany only:In addition to Germany, German is used as the official language for both Austria Liechtenstein. It is used as one of the key languages used officially in Switzerl Luxembourg. With this, German turns out to be the maximum spoken native language for the European Union.
  1. German nouns have genders: In German nouns, there are 3 types of gender masculine, feminine, neutral. In the initial stage of learning the language joining German language classes in Pune, you may feel gender in German doesn’t follow the logic. Matorily it doesn’t go with the object gender its pure grammatical use. Mark Twain once said that In German, a young lady defines no sex, while a turnip does.
  1. Existence of a unique letter in German:When you learn the German alphabet, you will find the presence of an additional consonant, ß, called “Eszett”. It represents double-S. ß is a unique letter in German consonants you will not find it at the beginning of any word. It’s also not replaced with the SS. We will take an example, to explain this. The German there are two words masse maße. It represents two completely different words. One is weight the other one is size.

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