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We have both online live language learning courses. 

We are a premium foreign language training institute

We impart diverse language learning facilities to our precious students who want to create an advanced career. We prepare our students for conversing with native speakers as well as clear the certification exam. We possess an immense ardor to guide our students while preparing for certification exams. Not only that but also we inform them about the exam pattern, important dates, ensure their amazing result in the examinations.

Our language trainers possess superior knowledge are brilliant educators. That’s why we can indoctrinate you with the easiest way of learning various languages pass exams. Most importantly, our veteran professionals have captivating qualifications with C1 level certification.

Our institute has an excellent track record is backed by a team of professional most enthusiastic language trainers. If you are interested in learning foreign languages, FastrackLanguages.com is one of the pioneer institutions offering both short term long term courses.

What do we do?

The curriculum creators of FastrackLanguages.com are working seamlessly to create top-notch content for the students. We are highly enthusiastic about the process of admissions, counseling, 24/7 support. 

Apart from that, we can provide our students with attractive comprehensive study materials. Do not bother about training as our professional trainers are having innumerable years of experience in foreign language training.  

You can anytime choose to bridge the gap by calling us. Moreover, get in touch with our counselors over email or phone 24/7 in case of any queries. Our academy is pleased to take feedback suggestions from students to ennoble the quality of infrastructure study. 

Our Vision:

We intend to be the number 1 foreign language training institute in India for both online live courses. 

Our Mission:

To provide best-in-class learning in the field of foreign languages for the academic as well as professional development of the cidates.

Our Prime Values:

On-time classes, highly experienced instructors with extensive teaching experience, high-quality course material. 

Why choose us?

  • We provide our attention to every student. 
  • We are the top-notch foreign language services provider.
  • We provide only superior study material of International stards.
  • We prepare our students for various foreign language certification exams. 


FastrackLanguages.com pioneers in providing teaching, translating, illustrating, editing across corporate fields languages. We are known to provide expert online training in foreign languages as our professors possess robust experience in these fields for more than a decade.
We bestow our best knowledge in German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, many other languages. Being a one-stop foreign language learning center, you can opt for any courses from the range of captivating courses to contribute towards your personal professional development. 

What type of career path is possible with diverse language skills?

You can easily establish a high profile career if you possess superior language abilities. You can work as an intelligent agent in Foreign Service or any other diplomatic agency. These types of work are highly paid as well as of high risks. 

However, this language proficiency is also foundational as well as much needed. A translator should be completely capable of converting the meaning of the texts. They are interpreting film subtitles, advertising a copy, so on. 

Moreover, you should also be capable of bridging two languages in authentic-time, requiring a proficient level of ability in various languages. Well, the reputation influence of these jobs may be incomparable in the field of language, they sincerely provide a renowned career path for language specialists who want to serve their country.

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