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A new language serves as a gateway to a different culture. The more we learn about a new culture, the more we can open our minds to new ideas, concepts, and ways of life. In today’s world of global business, having an open mind is essential, and keeping up with international trends can set us apart from the competition. Building new acquaintances, networks, and relationships requires the ability to understand, communicate, and respect another culture. Because Chinese is spoken all over the world, it is critical for us to be fluent in it in order to broaden our horizons. Fastrack Languages offers Chinese classes in Pune to help you become an expert in a language that is a mystery to most people.

What We Offer:


Mandarin is a language that reflects Chinese culture on many levels. For our students’ ease of progression, the course is structured in a systematic manner with increasing levels of difficulty. Our Mandarin teachers guide our students through each level while keeping in mind the various social settings that they may encounter, ensuring their comfort in any situation. To help our students blend in with their Chinese peers, we place a special emphasis on word pronunciation and accent development.

Courses Details Chinese Languages:-

Level 1 HSK

This is a beginner-level Mandarin Chinese language class in Pune where participants will be able to understand and use simple Chinese words and phrases and engage in basic communication.

The course entails learning 150 Chinese characters for topics such as self-introduction, using public transportation, and visiting a shopping mall or grocery store.

Level 2 HSK

This course is designed for participants who have a strong grasp of basic Chinese and can communicate and instruct on routine tasks that require a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and basic topics.

The course entails learning over 300 Chinese characters for topics such as describing daily routines, discussing sports, and academics, transactional skills such as buying/renting a house, describing health issues, and sharing weather, food, and other details.

Level 3 HSK

This course teaches participants how to read and comprehend materials written clearly on a variety of topics. Read written materials on general topics and follow their narratives to understand the writers’ intent.

Comprehend orally presented materials such as coherent conversations and news reports, spoken at nearly natural speed in everyday situations as well as in a variety of settings, and is able to follow and comprehend their ideas. Understand the relationships between the people involved as well as the key points of the materials presented.

Do you dream of having a successful career in a foreign country? If yes, then joining our Chinese language classes in Pune could be extremely beneficial for you.

Chinese language classes in pune

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