French Language Proficiency Tests in Canada

French Language Proficiency Tests

Many promising aspirants plan to immigrate to Canada to complete their higher studies or get a permanent job. But while relocating to Canada, every foreign national must have proficient knowledge in at least one of the two official languages in Canada. English and French are the two recognized official language in Canada, and every foreign national should be well-communicative in at least one of them.

However, besides knowing English, experts always suggest having good knowledge of French too. Almost 20 percent of the total population in Canada speak French, and knowing French is a good help for you to get hassle-free public service in the country.

Again the Canadian Government has fixed an aim to enhance the numbers of immigrants who speak French. Hence before you plan to immigrate to Canada, you need to pass the following tests.


The Ministry of Immigration, Canada, recognizes these two tests. If an individual wants to apply for Canadian Citizenship, he or she needs to sit for TEF. A person also needs to sit for TEFAQ once they need to obtain CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate.

Two tests are compulsory in these two examinations- one is an Oral expression, and the other is Oral Comprehension. The oral expression is 450 points, and oral comprehension is 360 points.

TCF examination

The compulsory sections of this examination are

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Language structure

The compulsory parts have eight multiple-choice questions. The candidates need to answer 30 questions in the listening section, 20 questions in language structure and 30 questions in reading comprehension.

TFI Test

This is multiple-choice testing, and it takes two and a half hours to complete the test. Students will get 42 minutes to complete the listening section and 68 minutes to complete the reading section. Here students will also get 30 minutes before the test starts to answer biographical queries.

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