German Language Levels and Certificates: Details Overview

German Language certificate

This German Language is currently among the most learned languages. This language has made its mark in the 21st century. It is one of the prime languages used in the International business market. People with fluent German are being offered high paying jobs all over the world. If you are keen on learning this language and want to seek guidance, you can contact the best German learning Institute in Pune that will offer you top German Language classes in Pune.

German Language Levels

There are three main proficiency levels to the German Language, under which there are a few subdivisions.

The first level is called Level A or the Basic User, which has two divisions called A1 and A2, which signify beginner and elementary, respectively. This is the most basic course in this language and does not require too much time to complete, usually 1-2 months. This course is applied for when people are seeking a visa or a permanent residency.

The second level is called Level B or Independent User. This is also divided into two sets called B1 and B2, which signify intermediate and upper-intermediate. Individuals who want to apply for citizenship in Germany generally opt for this course.

The third level is called Level C or the Proficient User. This course, too, has divisions C1 and C2, which are the advanced and the near proficient stages. With the completion of this level, one is eligible to apply for German Language courses. This course, however, might take a little longer than the rest, somewhat 6 months.


German Language Certifications

German learning certification has become essential; as a matter of fact, you should consider having certification for every language as it helps to determine your proficiency and ability. These certificates are proof of your German Language skills. You can learn to speak the German Language in Pune quickly and efficiently. The type of certificates that you opt for is based on the reason for you to know the language, for example, if you want to apply for a permanent residency and want a certificate attesting the fact that you know sufficient Level A German. The most common types of Certificates are listed below.

The Goethe-Institut is a centre where you can sit for a German exam and get a certificate based on your skills and levels. This institute generates a world-wide recognized certificate for the German Language. Mainly people who are trying to apply for a visa and permanent residency can opt to give an exam under them.

The Telc Deutsch also offers a world-wide recognized certificate mainly for those who want to apply for German citizenship.

The TestDaf is mainly for those individuals who are aspiring students and employees wanting to go to Germany. This certificate is recognized in 95 different countries.

The DSH is a certificate offered by the University that you are applying to after you sit for an exam. This certificate can, however, be used in other Universities as well.


German language learning is Pune is very affordable. This course will help you to brush up on your speaking and writing skills. If you are planning to apply to Germany for work or studies, it is essential to know the native language as it will help you to fit in better. You can learn to speak the German language in Pune fluently if you apply at this institute.

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