German Language Requirements for International Students to study in Germany

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If you want to study at a university in Germany, then you need to have proficiency in both German and English. This is because, at German universities, teaching lessons are delivered in German. So, before going to study at a German university, you need to have a language certificate that attests to your competence in the German language.

Which certificates are accepted as proof of German language proficiency in German universities?

The following are the certificates that are recognized by German universities-

  1. DSH Certificate or Level 2 above
  2. TestDaF certificate or a minimum of four points
  3. GDS certificate C2 Level above
  4. Language Certificate of the Education Ministers’ Conference

Requirements for German Language

If you want to participate in a study program for Bachelor’s in Germany, then you need to have a minimum language certificate of DSH II or C1 CEFR level. For participating in a Master’s Degree program, you need to have DSH I or DSH II level knowledge.

There are no German language requirements to take a Doctoral study course in German universities.

What is the DSH test?

DSH test stands for a standard language exam that determines your competency in the German language as an international student to take up a study course in a university in Germany.

DSH Certificate – Level II and III is the most accepted certificate by German universities and higher educational institutions. This certificate proves your German language proficiency so that you can get admission to universities.

DSH Test is normally of two types-

The oral exam constitutes 30 percent of the exam, while the written exam constitutes around 70 percent of the exam.

DSH offers certification of German proficiency in terms of Basic German, Intermediate German, and Advanced German.


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