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Fastrack Languages Institute provides the best Japanese language classes in Pune. The Japanese (Nihongo) writing system has two sets of the alphabet: Hiragana (used for grammatical and function words, as well as miscellaneous other native words) and Katakana (used for other native words) (it is used for transcription of foreign language words into Japanese and the writing of loan words ). Japanese uses Chinese characters, or Kanji (), extensively in its writing system, and a large portion of its vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese.

Japanese Language Course Offerings at Fastrack Languages:-


Our Japanese language classes in Pune at Fastrack Languages are meticulously designed and curated to ensure comprehensive development of your Japanese language skills including vocabulary, conversation, and grammar topics, as well as an understanding of Japanese culture, and social and business etiquette.

To ensure holistic learning, Japanese language training employs a combination of audiovisual techniques, communication methods, and regular assessments. Choose from the following Japanese language course offerings:

Standard Courses:

General language courses are based on the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), which has five levels ranging from N5 (basic) to N1 (advanced) (advanced).

Exam Preparation Courses:

Tailored courses to help you prepare for international certification exams such as the JLPT and NAT.

Business Japanese:

Develop Japanese language skills for effective communication whether you’re traveling to Japan or speaking with Japanese colleagues and peers.

Courses with a focus:

Our Japanese speaking and writing courses will help you improve your Japanese skills. Develop the skills needed to work as a trainer, translator, or interpreter.

Do you dream of having a successful career in a foreign country? If yes, then joining our Japanese language classes in Pune at Fastrack Lannguges Institute could be extremely beneficial for you.

japanese language classes in pune

Read logically complex and/or abstract writings on a wide range of topics. Read written materials with in-depth content on a variety of topics and follow their narratives to fully comprehend the writers’ intentions.

Read materials written clearly on a variety of topics and comprehend their contents. Read written materials on general topics and follow their narratives as well as understand the intent of the writers.

This level necessitates a thorough understanding of the grammar topics covered in previous levels. Develop communication skills in all areas of life, including school, work, and leisure.

Read and comprehend passages written in basic vocabulary and Kanji on everyday topics.

Listen to and comprehend everyday conversations, as well as generally follow their content, assuming they are spoken slowly.

Read and comprehend common Hiragana, Katakana, and basic Kanji expressions and sentences.

Listen to and comprehend conversations about topics that are commonly encountered in everyday life and in the classroom, as well as pick up necessary information from short, slow conversations.

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