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The Fastrack Languages Institute offers Korean classes in Pune. The Korean language has been around for over 1000 years, but it wasn’t until King Sejong the Great in the 15th century that the Hangul alphabet was invented.

The Korean language is part of the Altaic language family, which also includes Turkish, Mongolian, and Japanese, implying early Northern migrations and trade. Korea was heavily influenced by the Chinese, but in the 16th century, it developed its own writing system.

The entire course walks you through the learning process step by step to help strengthen your memory of the words and sentences you’ll be learning. It is specifically designed to force you to learn rather than forcing you to learn on your own.

Why is it beneficial to learn Korean?


1. Improved comprehension of Korean culture and concepts:-


People choose to study Korean for a variety of reasons, including their familiarity with Korean exports such as songs, TV shows, and movies. Hangul, or Korean script, can assist you in learning the fundamentals. You’ll be able to sing along to K-pop songs and understand Korean TV shows without subtitles with a little effort and practice.

2. Boost Your Intellectual ability:-


Learning Korean is a good option if you want to be bilingual. Some people can quickly pick up Hangul. You will be able to pick up Korean vocabulary once you have a basic understanding of Hangul, and your knowledge and comprehension will continue to expand. This will also allow you to learn more about a fascinating society and country with a long and fascinating history.

3. Enhance Personal and Professional Relationships:-


Learning Korean can also help you strengthen personal ties with Korean-speaking friends and family members. Your friends will admire your efforts to learn a new language and be eager to assist you in practicing and improving. Being able to communicate in Korean, even if only a little, can help you make new friends or work colleagues.

4. 80 million native speakers can be connected:-


According to a recent Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea research report, there are approximately 2.5 million speakers in China, approximately 2 million in the United States, and approximately 800,000 in Japan. Knowing Korean gives you access to a wonderfully surprising and exciting group of Korean-speaking people.

5. Increase your career opportunities.


As a result of the influx of Korean businesses and services, knowing Korean as an Indian will improve your economic prospects if you decide to invest or do business with them. Globalization has resulted in the integration of world economies as a result of extensive technological development and the introduction of the internet.

6. Increase your career opportunities:-


This type of position is available at MNCs, Indian companies with international operations, foreign embassy offices, and some translation agencies. Numerous companies are actively looking for people with this expertise.

Do you dream of having a successful career in a foreign country? If yes, then joining our Korean language classes in Pune at Fastrack Languages Institute could be extremely beneficial for you.

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For students who have never studied Korean before, Introduction to Korean is a beginner’s Korean course. Korean Levels 1&2 is an introductory Korean course for students who have never studied Korean before. This is a fast-paced Korean course that allows you to complete two levels in six weeks and progress more quickly.

Korean Level 3 is an Elementary Korean course for students who have already completed a beginner’s course. Korean Level 2 requires that you have previously studied Korean Levels 1&2 or a course of at least 48 class hours.

Korean Level 9 is a Pre-Intermediate Korean course designed for students who have studied Korean for some time. You must have completed Korean Level 8 or a course of at least 96 class hours before enrolling in Korean Level 9.

Intermediate Korean Level is an Advanced course designed for students who have completed a high level of Korean language study and want to improve their fluency. You must have completed a course with a minimum of 180 class hours to enroll in this course.

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