German is one of the easy to acquire foreign languages for the Indians. It has a close link with the English language. Having proficiency in English will make it easy for anyone to learn this language. Joining the German language classes in Pune will help you to learn the language fast. Opportunities are huge for individuals who know this language well. There are some lucrative job opportunities for German Language students. We are sharing a few popular job options that you may like to apply for. You can join after the successful completion of the German Language course from a recognized institute in India.

1. German language trainer

The first job opportunity that we can name is a German Language trainer. Completing the course after joining Online German Language classes, you can serve as a certified German language trainer. If you love teaching then this can be a wonderful option for you. You can join as a German teacher in School, Colleges even in Universities. You can also serve as a Corporate trainer in corporate houses or can start your Online teaching classes. The dem for German teachers is huge.

2. German Translator or Interpreter

Another wonderful career opportunity for you can be as a German translator interpreter. Some government firms in India, MNCs, as well as NGOs, look for translators. They need an expert who can make the smooth translation of source language to the clear accurate target language. If you can prove your expertise in German translation interpretation skills, the global translation service providers will be happy to hire you after checking your CV. It’s a lucrative career choice which is highly rewarding too. If you can establish your expertise in the market then organizations like UNO or FAO will love to hire you.

3. The job of Engineer in India Germany (Also other German-speaking nations)

Germans top the list in the industry of engineering. It’s surprising to know that there is a serious shortage of qualified engineers in Germany. The domestic engineering students are not enough to fulfill the requirement so sourcing foreign engineers are a must for the nation. Around 50% of German companies believe that their products will suffer in the future because of the worker shortage. Expertise in German with a qualified degree in engineering will increase job opportunities in German. You may also get hired by German companies in India other countries.

4. Tourism Industry

Many of us are not aware of the fact that the tourism sector of India contributes around 10% percent towards the nation’s total GDP. A huge percentage of the total tourists to India is from Germany other European German-speaking nations. If you wish You can take up the job of a tour guide for German-speaking tourists, especially if you love exploring all corners of India. Many top-notch tour organizing companies look for certified tour guides with excellent German-speaking skills.

5. Job in the Hospitality industry

Knowing the German language can allow you to work in the hospitality industry. The reputed 5-star hotels hospitality centers need German-speaking staff to take care of guests from German-speaking countries. You can join as guest relations manager in travel companies, event centers, more. The sector needs the best cidate to offer the best services.

6. Airlines Industry

In the ever-exping international airline industry, being multilingual multicultural means doing more business. Fluency in English is a must expertise in minimum one foreign language like Spanish or German will be an added advantage. Especially for the cabin crew of the International airlines knowing a foreign language is an added advantage. Cidates knowing language like German get hired recruited faster. If you want to join a cabin crew with top-notch international airlines, knowing German will help you.

7. Journalism

The industry of journalism is a mammoth one with a constant dem for employees with excellent foreign language skills. The journalism sector offers enough opening for foreign language experts, one such language is German. Imagine that you work in India as a foreign correspondent to a global media company based out in Germany or other German-speaking nations. We know it sounds thrilling for you the salary is hsome too.

8. Research analyst

Do you know that Germany is one of the biggest contributors to the international scientific research sector? It established the German language as the second popular language used for scientific language globally. Your skill in speaking reading in German can give you entry as a research analyst with government or private research centers in India, Germany, or in any other German-speaking nations.

This is not the end of the list as there are many other job options available when you know German. If you wish to join German Language Classes in Delhi, Bangalore or Pune you join it online. Leading institutes like FastrackLanguages Institute are offering online classes for the students. Online classes make it easy for the students to complete the course with perfection right from home in the COVID 19 condition.

The skilled professionals of the institute give individual attention to each student their progress. In case of any query, you will be free to ask your expert till the time query is resolved. On successful completion of the course, the institute will guide you for appearing in the Goethe A1 exam. This exam is important to clear to become a certified German language expert. You need to produce this certificate along with your resume when applying for a job opening. Without a certificate, your German skill will not be considered valid by the employer. 

For more information, you can connect with the experts at this institute. Learning German with the experts of the institute will be an enjoyable experience for you. The experts will also guide you in deciding the job options best suitable for you after learning German.Join FastrackLanguages Institute to learn German online. Increase your job opportunities with German or India based German companies learning the language of Germany.