Opportunities for learning foreign languages for the Indian students

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Learning foreign languages in India offers different kinds of career options. For instance, you can learn German that can give a high salary package. In addition, there is a lot of scope for the experts of foreign languages in our country.

Once you learn foreign languages, it opens up various career options like those in IT. You can also work as a translator. Hence, if you learn a foreign language in demand, you can work in different fields.

Benefits of learning foreign languages in India:

  • Become a teacher, interpreter, and translator

Nowadays India has several interpreters, translators, and teachers of foreign languages. This is due to recent large-scale projects and foreign firms that outsource to some Indian companies by their American and European counterparts.

Acting as a translator or interpreter is lucrative depending on your experience. You can further work in sports clubs, tourist centers, and media houses.

  • Work for custom, immigration services

Language jobs in government agencies or embassies like the customs and immigration department will find your CV attractive because of your skills in foreign languages.

  • Tourism, travel, and hospitality

Many people come to India in the form of tourists every year. Most people do not understand English or the other Indian languages.

Learn the foreign languages in demand

  • German

German is the second popular foreign language in India after French. In the world, over one hundred million people are native speakers of German. It is easy to learn in comparison to French but has a complex syntax than Spanish.

  • Spanish

Besides being Spain’s lingua franca, it is the official language of twenty countries. Altogether in the world, there are five hundred seventy-two million speakers.


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