Sanskrit language – Origin, History, & Facts

amazing facts about the Sanskrit Language

The Sanskrit language can be called the world’s oldest language. It dates back to nearly 5000 years. This language belongs to the South Asian region, inculcated by the Indo Aryans. The word ‘Sanskrit’ is composed of two words ‘, San’ meaning together and ‘Skirt’ meaning formed. Most of the languages have originated from Sanskrit, and hence it can be known as the ‘Mother of all Language’. Some of the oldest texts, like the Vedas, were written in Sanskrit. In the present society, this tradition of the Sanskrit language is slowly fading. It is being replaced with modern foreign languages like German, French and Spanish. People, however, forget that these languages have originated from ancient Latin, which in turn has borrowed a major chunk of words and scriptures from Sanskrit itself. Since this language is near extinction, it is our duty to preserve this ancient tradition. To do the same, you can attend Sanskrit Language classes in Pune.


6 amazing facts about the Sanskrit Language

Even though this language has ancient roots, it is proved to be the most efficient in computer sciences. It helps solve complex algorithms. 


Though this language dates back to nearly 5000 years, many foreign universities continue to teach and research on this language. 


Sanskrit has surprisingly shown healing capacity. It is used to cure speech through therapy. Knowing how to speak this language increases not only concentration but also improves the functions of the brain. 


Most of us are unaware of the fact that Sanskrit is the 2nd official language of Uttarakhand, even though very few people are well versed in it. 


Newspapers are hardly a daily affair. Most people download news from the internet these days. The few houses that still continue the habit of reading the morning news are unaware of the fact that even today, there exists a Sanskrit newspaper. 


Those who are avid readers are unaware of the fact that the Sanskrit language consists of very rich literary texts. The Arabian Nights were inspired by Sanskrit stories and fables. 


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