Top 10 Words that are Different in American and British English but mean the same thing


Language is a highly crucial part of everybody’s lives, yet vastly differs from place to place. Even the same consists of numerous words different from one another but shares the same meaning. This distinction is usually present from one geographical location to the other. As a result, many people face problems using the correct word in the right place, which turns out to be a significant issue; hence it is vital to know the valid words.

English in the present scenario is the connecting/ universal language worldwide. Hence, American and British English are two widely used forms of the language across the world. However, they consist of many differences in terms of words, spellings, etc. hence; it is essential to know these differences to use the appropriate form in the proper place. Here are a few examples for your assistance:

 1. Mobile phone (British English)
      Cell phone (American English)
 2. Football (British English)
       Soccer (American English)
 3. Cinema (British English)
      Movie Theatre (American English)
 4. Handbag (British English)
       Purse (American English)
 5. Engine (British English)
       Motor (American English)
 6. Flat (British English)
       Apartment (American English)
 7. Appetizer (British English)
      Starter (American English)
 8. Dustbin (British English)
       Garbage can (American English)
 9. Aubergine (British English)
      Eggplant (American English)
 10. Post-box (British English)
         Mailbox (American English)

It is essential to know these differences for knowledge and to fulfill the demand of a particular form of English in required places accordingly. In some cases, the difference can be very minute/ the words may be very similar, but it might be a whole new word at other times! So, if you are getting a little confused initially, do not worry, as it will become easier with time.

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