What are the Eligibility for Express Entry – Step-by-Step Guide

visa for canada easy steps

The Canadian Government follows Express Eligibility Entry in managing the applications of Permanent Canadian Residents to fill the labour gaps with skilled labours. This system helps the Canadian Government conducting three immigration programs like the Federal Skilled worker program, Federal skilled trades program, and the Canadian experience class.

Hence if you are interested in getting selected as a permanent resident in Canada, you need to be qualified for Express Entry. Let us check the steps to how to eligible for this system.

  • Find your NOC: –

Before you join French classes in Puneyou need to arrange the proper NOC. The NOC declares your work experience and makes you eligible for getting selected.

  • Educational Assessment: –

You can join a French language course in PuneThis course will help you to become well-versed in a foreign language.

  • Check eligibility: –

College and University students having good work experience are eligible for Express Entry. Here they need to take French lessons online in Pune for easy selection for this system.

  • Language test: –

A candidate needs to pass a language test to get eligible for Express Entry. One can join courses for French lessons for beginners in Pune. They need to achieve a nice score to pass the test.

  • Check your CRS score:

One needs to check the Comprehensive Ranking System score to become eligible for Express Entry. Here you can search for French language classes near me to improve your IELTS score.

  • Entry to express entry pool: –

Once you join the best French language course in Pune and score well on the language test, you need to enter into the Express Entry Pool. Come to Canada Tool helps you to verify your eligibility.

  • Receive ITA: –

Once you feel that you have enough tef score for express entry, you are qualified to get an ITA or Invitation to Apply. This form is to be filled up by the candidate in 60 days and upload supporting documents. You will get a receipt to prepare the passport.

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