Are you wondering or confused to decide which foreign languages to learn? Getting attracted to any foreign language is common to see among Indians. Many love that culture so fall in love with the language. Some like it for the way it sounds. Many say “I wish to learn the language to increase my career, job, or travel prospects.” 

4 foreign languages are favourite among Indians. They are keen to learn them reasons do vary. These languages are German, French, Spanish, Japanese. But which language you want to learn or should learn? 


Do you know that Spanish is a language officially spoken by more than 21 countries? There are 530,000,000 + speakers of this language across the world. It sts second in the list of commonly spoken languages. Well, Marin/Chinese holds the second position.

Several Spanish companies fast making their presence felt in India across different industries. The industries in which you can find Spanish companies are:

  • Travel tourism
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • International business communications
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Power

A survey conducted in 2017. It revealed that there are some 200+ Spanish companies present in India. 

Those companies playing an active role in:

  • Road construction
  • Railways
  • Water desalination
  • Wind power
  • Defence
  • Construction of smart cities

Around 40+ Indian companies are serving in Spain. The industries served include technology, automotive, pharmaceuticals, energy. Job openings are huge for qualified Indians who can speak Spanish.


German sts third in the list of popular foreign languages spoken worldwide. It holds the second rank in the list of popular languages in Europe Japan, right after English. Many don’t know that the German language speakers are 89 to 110 million. 

Germany is earning huge popularity as one of the best investment markets. It’s popular not for its technological prowess but also for excellent central geographic location. Its infrastructure is very developed. 

There are around 240 + Indian companies which got registered in Germany. Learning German will open up new avenues for the students seeking education from German top universities.

German companies offer some 700,000 jobs in the United States. Are you are looking for employment in the United States? If yes, then learning German will open up opportunities for you. 

Online German language classes in Pune are now available with Fastrack Languages Institute. Some of the notable German companies in India are:

  • Audi India Ltd
  • Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd
  • BASF India Ltd
  • DHL Express India Pvt Ltd
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd
  • Metro Cash And Carry India Pvt Ltd
  • Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd


Around 220 million people in five continents of the world speak the language of French. Learning French does offer huge opportunities for students. They can apply study in French universities business schools. 

For foreign students with excellent hold on French, there is an advantage. They can get French government grants for postgraduate courses enrolment. Learning French will support employment in the: 

  • French hotel industry
  • Visual arts
  • Fashion
  • Theatre 

You can work in any part of the world. Well, French is the popular spoken language for these particular sectors.

French is emerging out as one of the majors which will lower down unemployment give higher earnings. Studying in a French-speaking region turns you an ideal cidate for the French companies.


The popularity of the Japanese language is huge. It is because of the growing relations between India-Japan. Several Japanese companies are now exping their operations in India. Japan is popular for its products. The products offered are of the finest quality. The industries are advanced in technology. Japanese is a language that is quite difficult to learn. The competition level is less for job positions that need applicants speaking Japanese.

If you want to learn a foreign language which will pay you well in India abroad, then learn Japanese. It is the third popular language used on the Internet, after English Chinese. Big brs of Japan like Sony, Honda, Toshiba, Toyota, Mitsubishi are household names. All these companies many more exped well in the Indian market. Thus, job prospects for Japanese speaking Indians increased a lot.

Which Language to learn?

Now which language you will pick out of 4? Japanese as we already mentioned is very hard to learn although competition is low. French is a bit difficult, to learn because of pronunciation grammar. Still, it’s easier than Japanese.

Coming to Spanish, it’s a beautiful language with great prospects. Learning the same will help you in bagging good jobs.

Well, German is easy to learn. It is very useful for foreign students professionals working in the European continent. If you know English you will learn German fast. Opportunities are more in education, career, business when you know German.

To join German language classes in Pune you can contact Fastrack Languages Institute. 

Happy Learning!